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Saturday Style: Enim Nox

The night has a certain allure that can neither be pin pointed nor escaped. Once you give the slightest glance or notice, it draws you into its mystique and dark beauty. Enim Nox, an accessory and apparel brand, captures the same sense of enchanment in every piece it produces. The hand-crafted jewelry began coming together when Lexi Lazaro was searching for a new outlet to express her creativity and fill her down time. As new materials continued to spark inspiration, she found her collection to grow beyond her need for the perfect accessory to every outfit. With the desire to share her unique stone and bead creations, Lazaro took a note from a Latin class and opened up shop online - brining you Enim Nox, creations “for the night”. To expand the vision, she recently welcomed Andrew Baylis to the brand. They will be working together to bring their apparel ideas and designs into fruition and into your closet soon. While those are in the working, you can purchase Enim Nox accessories at the online store HERE and follow on Twitter HERE. This is a brand that is taking off quickly, and will continue to pour passion into every piece it produces. Just as you lust for the night, your wardrobe will lust for Enim Nox.

*the white howlite cross bracelet and turquoise howlite skull bracelet are staples in my wardrobe… they go with everything & make a small, but bold statement.



"I’m Okay" - The Karma Killers

Take an adventure outside of the thriving metropolises of the world, and you are sure to discover a hidden gem or two. The Karma Killers sit tucked away a short distance from NYC in New Jersey, but their music is sure to propel them into the ears of people spanning the world. It took the members a few trial and errors in other bands before they came together to form an outfit around the same ideals, goals, and sounds. Wasting no time, The Karma Killers scrounged up every bit of loose change and set out to record their first efforts in LA last year. It proved to be a difficult lesson in who to place trust in, but only brought the band closer together. Rather than collapse under defeat, when discovering everything from their cross-country trip was unaudible, they banded together to focus on the next steps to take.

The perceverence of The Karma Killers produced their latest single “I’m Okay" and its accompanying video. While you might assume the song to be about the trials and tribulations the band has faced thus far, "I’m Okay" is actually about the effects love has on people. Singer and guitarist, Mikey James, explains that, "For a while my parents were going through a rough patch in their marriage, on the verge of divorce, & I was sort of in the middle of the whole thing. But deep down I knew nothing was going to happen because of their unconditional love for each other. That’s basically what I wrote the song off of… how twisted love can be, & wanting to be with that person you care about, but knowing that you can’t for a while.” 

The video takes on a lighter note than the song’s inspiration; showcasing the band doing what they do best - playing music. The Karma Killers have a light-hearted grit to their sound, that does not call for frills or over-production in their music or visuals. The raw feeling captured is something that bands many times shy away from, in order to deliver a polished product. Embracing their DIY attitude though, the band hung out in a basement with their instruments and a bottle of wine in order to shoot the video for “I’m Okay”. Take note of The Karma Killers now, because their passion to create music and integrity in how they deliver it is sure to take them far.

RIYL: The Killers, My Chemical Romance, The Technicolors

Vote Warped Tour

As each summer comes to a close, the speculations as to who will grace the stages at the next year’s Vans Warped Tour begin. And once those speculations begin to turn into confirmations, excitement returns to both those who will be attending and those who will be working the tour. By the time June is within sight, people realize that a band they had hoped to be sweating alongside and belting out songs with, weren’t selected this time around. Luckily, thanks to Ernie Ball, this doesn’t that the hopes of joining the tour is out of the question… you can still vote for your favorite bands to hop on a date of Warped Tour. All it takes is a simple click of the “vote" button on their artist page within the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands site (you can vote more than once). So please be sure to show your support to one of your favorite bands, or even learn about and vote for a new one, if you’d like to see them rocking the Ernie Ball stage for their local Warped date!
Below are a few suggestions… click on their name to visit their voting page, where you can hear a few songs & learn more about the band. If you are a fan or like what you hear, then please take a minute to cast a vote.

Us, From Outside
Photo Credit: Barrett Bailey 

The Material
Photo Credit: Megan Thompson 

Fighting The Villain
Photo Credit: unknown 

Secrets” - June Divided

Is there anything more rock n’ roll than being pulled off stage, mid song by the police? You wouldn’t think so. But prior to being drug away, still playing and singing, June Divided managed to rob a bank. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss some crazy headline about the band… this is all the setting of their latest video for the song “Secrets”. MTV Buzzworthy premiered the display of adventurous antics a little bit ago, and judging by the response there and now on the band’s Youtube, it’s quite obvious that there are others out there in favor of doing whatever it takes to get what they want. Money always seems to cloud or roadblock the road you follow to your passion, and just like today’s rising youth and so many in the music industry, June Divided aren’t ones to let that slow them down. Just make sure to keep an eye out and stray from the path of the cops in the video, who like so many, have a price they can be bought off for. Chock full of statements and fun, a lot of hard work and planning went into the “Secrets" video and the final product shows it. Be sure to watch it above, pick up Backbone to hear the song, and catch June Divided when they roll through your city (which will be in a nicer van than the rusty, spray-painted one they drive around in the video).

Dear Paramore, I’m Still Into You

This is the week when it seems that everyone in the world invades Austin, TX; and if you’re a fan of music or have any working affiliation to it, you are definitely roaming the festivities of SXSW. Sometimes life happens though, and you’re left watching it all through the eyes of your Instagram and Twitter updates. Then there’s a little glimmer of hope thanks to the live streaming of showcases… with the Warner Sound stream of Paramore acting as more of a shining beacon.

For the last seven years, Paramore has been a constant in my music library; never leaving rotation or collecting dust (literal or metaphorical) in the midst of anything new. My loyalty to the band isn’t what necessarily keeps me interested, but is actually what keeps me curious. And having only seen them three times, all of which at Warped Tour over the years (stories for another posting), I was curious for what a more intimate performance entailed. So at 2am, I sat plastered to my laptop screen with the volume at its highest level, feeding off of the passion that poured from the band and crowd. The set perfectly balanced old favorites with new loves - songs off of Riot!, Brand New Eyes, and their forthcoming self-titled, and singles such as “Monster" thrown into the mix. It seems expected that they would break out "Now,” since it is the first taste from the new album; but what caught everybody’s attention was Haley announcing their next new tune, which has never been played live prior to this set, “I’m Still Into You”. It is in fact a love song (I know, you didn’t see that coming), but one that keeps the pace they have thus far offered up for the new album. Although it’s not a ballad in light of “The Only Exception,” it has the truthful emotion that will tug at your heartstrings. The new then rolled into the familiar as Paramore closed their set with the ever so sassy “Misery Business" … only this time, they had a little help from a lucky gal they plucked from the audience, who nervously clutched Haley’s mic and proceeded to rock out alongside the band.

It’s the advancement of three individuals as a group that made this performance possible, and the advancement of technology that made it accessible to so many. And in case there was ever any doubt… Paramore, I’m Still Into You.


Listen to Paramore’s new song, “I’m Still Into You” HERE

June Divided en route to SXSW

If you think a week or so of showcases and confrences seems daunting, you should see the road leading to SXSW. Most attendees aren’t Texas natives; and when you’re a band, jet setting with all members, gear, & merch in tote isn’t exactly feasible. This is when it’s time to get resourceful, and try to team up with other musicians for a tour or a few one-offs on the way to Austin.

June Divided made a few pit stops on their travels from Philly, and one happened to land the band in Orlando. They shared the stage at Backbooth with city natives, Posterra, for a night of rock with a tinge of indie. Through the smokey haze, June Divided’s energy and punch-packing sounds (vocals and instrumentation alike) cut through to provide clarity to the crowd. After all four left their sweat and hearts on stage, they reached within to find a second wind to socialize with efforvescent new faces… it was incredible to see kids making a point to come up to the band afterwards to express how much they enjoyed them, and to jot down how to keep in contact. After a successful show, the van packed up again, and burritos down the hatch, the band was off to their next city and one step closer to the eventful chaos of SXSW.

If you’re in Austin this week, be sure to check out June Divided at one of the showcases listed below:
March 13th  |  2:00PM  |  HandleBar  |  Red Gorilla MusicFest
March 13th  |  10:00PM  |  Burnside’s Tavern  |  MusicGorilla.com Fest
March 14th  |  5:20PM  |  Blind Pig Rooftop  |  Big Picture Media Showcase 


June Divided (left)  |  Posterra (right)

Really Great Magazine: Winter Issue

The Winter issue of Really Great is finally here! As always, RGM is chock full of perfectly put together music and style related editorals. And I just so happened to be lucky enough to contribute again; this time with a piece on Us, From Outside.

It’s always a little challenging going through my library of music, write-ups on here, and shows I’ve covered to think of who to submit for the magazine. But over the last almost two years I’ve known them, I’ve watched Us, From Outside grow as a band and triumphantly conquer every challenge they’ve been faced with. When I wrote the piece back in the summer they had tours lined up for the remainder of the year, including a lengthy one with Broadway, and it seemed like the perfect time to place them in front of new eyes. Though we’re now onto a new year, the same still holds true; as they just finished their first Canadian tour, are writing new material, and are planning 2013 out.

So, when you have a minute, head over and check out the newest issue of Really Great Magazine; and support those featured and the staff who made it all possible.

Yuletides & Stage Dives

'Tis the season of giving! If you're looking for that perfect last minute gift, or just a few new holiday tunes to throw into the mix, Catalyst Publicity and the Keep A Breast Foundation have you covered. The two have partnered together to bring you a compilation chock full of Christmas originals, unreleased singles, and some good 'ol favorites by an exceptional list of artists. A few of those who contributed include: Set It Off, Life After Liftoff, Balance & Composure, The Venetia Fair, For The Foxes, Bad Rabbits, +more.

The compilation is available at a “name your own price” option; so whether you’re off to a late holiday gifting start & have some extra cash to lay down, or are scrounging up pennies from the aftermath, you can still pick it up. All of the proceeds collected from purchases will go directly to the Keep A Breast Foundation, to work against fighting breast cancer. So many people deal with cancer in some form or fashion, and this is an amazing opportunity to help the battle, while getting a little in return.

So go dig through your wallets and couches for some extra change, then head over to BandCamp ( http://bit.ly/Yuletides ) to download Yuletides & Stage Dives!


Streaker Records Giveaway

If you tune in tonight to The Gunz Show, on Idobi Radio, you can listen for how to win a skate deck that has been signed by the bands of the 2012 Warped Tour. Streaker Records’ co-founder, Rob DPiazza, is going to be calling into the show to give details on the skate deck that is up for grabs; more on the deck, the musicians involved, and specifics on how to win it. Whether you’re somebody who skates or somebody who likes to display them as artwork, this is the chance to get your hands on a fun, collectable piece.

Tune In:
Streaker Records on The Gunz Show
Wednesday, December 19th (tonight)
9PM - 10PM EST

Memories Behind A Song

Cute Without The “E” (Cut From The Team) - Taking Back Sunday

There are those songs or albums, that when you put them on, they have the power to bring you back to a certain time in your life, remind you of a certain person, or evoke certain emotions. Music has this way of gluing itself to your memories. There are plenty of Taking Back Sunday songs that have adheared themselves, but it’s mostly just simple nostalgia; I mean, I have been listening to the band for about half of my life, which is scary/weird to think about. So when “Cute Without The “E”” starts playing, I tend to think about seeing the video on MTV (back when the M meant something) and singing along, or how I found out it’s the favorite song of one of my dearest friends, or even getting the chance to see TBS live. But about a year ago now, the song found itself a new time and memory to add to the mix…

I could take the words to explain how me & my previously mentioned friend ended up a bar over an hour from where we lived, but there’s a lot to that one, so I’ll skip ahead in the night. Whether you’re a guy or girl you’ve encountered that person who starts off seemingly nice, but quickly switches to creepy clinger who persistantly hits on you. Well, me and her ran into one of those and he invited himself over to the booth we were sitting at; not only could we not get him to leave, he kept inching closer and closer to me. I needed an escape, and fast. It happened to be towards the end of the night and my friends, who were playing acoustically with their cover band, announced it was their last song. As soon as the music started in, me and her instantaneously looked at each other & exclaimed that it was Taking Back Sunday. Out of desperation to get away from the weird, drunk guy and love for the song, I grabbed her hand and told her to get up and dance with me. I remember her looking at me & asking, “Are we really doing this? Are we going to be those girls?” My answer was a simple “Yes!” and I lead her out of the booth and closer to where the guys were playing. Something came over me, and suddenly I just didn’t care… we were singing the words right along, dancing to the music, and for one of the first times in my life I felt free.

That’s why I love that moment so much, and hearing the song now. I was there on a whim, did something spontaneous, let go of my tendency to over think, and wasn’t concerned with what anyone else thought. I was hearing a great rendition of one of my favorite songs, surrounded by a few great people, and sharing the moment with the one person who has been through everything with me. There is nothing better than letting your guard down, and actually experiencing a moment in life.

I know I don’t get too personal on here, but we all have stories of this sort, and it’s fun to share sometimes. Maybe I’ll do this every so often; you can thank the Lydia station on Pandora playing “Cute Without the “E”” for sparking this one. Oh, and if you feel like sharing… what’s a song and memory that stand out to you?

In Silence - Erica Glyn

It’s always great when somebody can introduce you to something new; whether it’s music, food, or a book. I have my good pen pal Chrissy, who also happens to be a fabulous publicist, to thank for turning me on to the talented Erica Glyn a little while back. There’s something simply different about her that hits you on the first listen, and leaves a lasting impression; in a similar way to bands such as Lydia or The XX. Erica Glyn also had this knack for creating visual art through the videos she releases for her songs. Her most recent offering for “In Silence,” off of the record Static, paints a darker side (despite the vibrant colors used) of her song, and the dreams we have. The video seems simple, but every scene is visually stimultating and deep - if you’ve yet to listen to the “In Silence" before, I would replay the video a few times, so that you take in every aspect, and can hear the song without getting lost in the world/story she has created within the video. Erica Glyn is definitely a talent to be kept up with, and I can’t wait to see what she has up her creative sleeve next.

Figure 8 - Ellie Goulding

For a while now, Ellie Goulding has been a staple in my music library; with both Lights and Halcyon being the perfect soundtracks for work, long drives, or anything really. Figure 8 is one of my personal favorites off of Halcyon, so I was excited to find out that was the next video she’d be releasing. I casually searched it on Youtube the other night, and fell in love instantaneously - okay, after I sat through one of those lovely ads you can’t skip. There is such an eery beauty throughout the video, that pulls you in and communicates the struggle in the song perfectly. The editing and variety of scenes throughout are spot on to the music; creating an even deeper impact for the viewer, and connection between visuals and audio. All I can say, is hats off to Ellie and everyone involved in the video!

With Beating Hearts // Summer Remix EP

You can always use a little summer fun, right? With Beating Hearts has enlisted the help of a few friends to compile a three song EP, featuring refreshing remixes of previously released tracks. The re-working of each song breathes a new life and heavier sense of electronics into it. What is really great, is that you can hear the style of each collaborater shine through and blend into what the duo has already laid on the table.

Head over to PureVolume to stream and download the Summer Remix EP; adding a few vibrant songs to your summer playlists. Also, be sure to check out With Beating Hearts' self-titled EP on iTunes!


With Beating Hearts // Summer Remix EP
1. Fall Fast - Remixed by Blake Harnage
2. My Only Enemy - Remixed by Joel Piper
3. Lost Tonight - Remixed by Blake Miller


The anticipation has been building for a new song and video, as fans of Send The Messenger have been working to spread the word and get the band to 13,500 “likes" on Facebook. The goal was finally reached the other day, and the band released an official video for "The Life You Left Behind”; featuring a mix of live performance and behind the scenes footage, that gives you a look at STM on and off of the stage.

And soon you won’t have to rely on Youtube or Facebook to get your fix of Send The Messenger… it looks like they’ll have their music up on iTunes soon. When the time comes, be sure to support the band by purchasing it! I know I can’t wait to hear everything they’ve got, and hopefully catch them live again sometime soon. For now, take a gander at “The Life You Left Behind" and share away!